Neartown Church – Houston, TX

Communicate With Visual Literacy

Neartown Church’s mission is to invite busy people to experience the peace of life with Jesus Christ.

Russell Cravens left his position as teaching pastor at Sagemont Church, south of Houston, to plant a downtown church. Russell and his team knew that starting with a clear focus would not only help them get their wheels off the ground, but also give them the tools they need to maintain momentum as they continued to grow.  To gain traction, they embarked on a six month journey with the Auxano co::Lab learning community.  The fruit of their commitment to developing a clear vision as they begin the adventure of planting Neartown Church was a fully developed Vision Frame that gives them a toolbox to guide their leaders, decisions and growth.

The Neartown Church team took an additional step with the Auxano team to develop their communication strategies.  A memorable brand identity, designed to appeal to young urban professionals, was created that would be used across all of their communication strategies.

In addition to being visually stunning,  Neartown’s logo also has multiple layers of meaning.  Their logo, with the overlapping lines not only represents the busy network of highways that loop the city of Houston, but the chaos and busyness that pulls many of us in opposite directions and away from wholeness and peace that is found in Christ.  Draw you eye to the center of the icon.  Notice the order in the center, telling the story that you can find peace amidst the busyness of life.  At a deeper level, it reinforces the church’s strategy.  How does Neartown Church accomplish its mission?  By connecting with God and with one another (the center of the icon).  The lines however, they move back out into the chaos of life to reach and restore lives locally and globally.

Communicate With Visual Literacy