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SUMMER 2021: Leveraging the Power of Analytics

Choose from two congregational assessment options, packaged with exclusive access for MEGA METRO leadership.

We're pleased to offer our two most important leadership tools in this season, the ChurchNext Survey and Congregational Engagement Survey, to MEGA METRO Senior Pastors looking to better understand the preferences or engagement of their church as we look to fall 2021. Each survey option will include a full report and onsite Auxano Senior Navigator backstage access, featuring comparison data and collaborative next-step planning.

The ChurchNext Survey is a done-for-you 12-question survey tool designed to gauge the top-level questions about returning to worship and group life moving forward. If you've conducted pulse surveys regularly, or even a few times over the last year, this tool will compliment those efforts and provide clear analytics moving forward.

The Church Engagement Survey is a customized 35+ question survey instrument designed to measure and develop a deeper understanding of each person's connection to the ministry of your unique church. This survey goes deeper into your church culture, to give your leadership team tools of analysis, beyond anecdotes or assumptions.

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ChurchNext Survey Backstage Pass

Gauge the preferences of your body toward a safe, healthy return to church life with this 12 question tool.

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Engagement Survey Backstage Pass

Understand your disciple-making effectiveness with this customized 35+ survey instrument.

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Future Planning Backstage Pass

Redirect your team's energy forward around a visionary plan in this collaborative two-day retreat.

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Creating a Culture of Generosity

Backstage access to Greg Gibbs' latest book.

In his role as Director of Generosity and Senior Lead Navigator at Auxano, Greg brings two decades of experience and a discipleship bias to his coaching on generosity and capital campaigns. Prior to joining the Auxano staff in 2016, Greg spent years on the executive staff of the mega-multisite Kensington Church in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.

Fill out this simple form, and we'll send you a "backstage access" copy of Greg's latest book: Creating a Culture of Generosity.

Here's what Greg has to say about Creating a Culture of Generosity:

"Creating a Culture of Generosity" charts a new course. It is a field guide for church leaders who want to create environments and methods of spiritual mentoring and discipleship that encourage the people of Jesus to operate with open hands. It is shifting the conversation from being solely about “keeping the lights on” at your church to operating “on earth as it is in heaven” when it comes to our self-sacrifice and investment in what truly matters.

This is a critical shift in thinking addressed by this discipleship-biased book. There are a lot of helps out there about “funding ministry” or “raising money for your ministry” and I have learned a lot from men and women who have gone ahead of me in this work. But the shift in this book is from the church’s financial fuel as the headline of the story, to the soul, attitude and action of the giver. From making budget to making disciples.

We'd be happy to send you a complimentary copy; just tell us where to send it right here.

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