Auxano | What's Your Clarity Quotient?

What's Your Clarity Quotient?

Is your vision as clear as you think? Take this quick clarity quotient quiz and find out!

Use the following questions to assess the clarity of your church’s vision then scroll down to discover your CLARITY QUOTIENT!

How would you evaluate the following statements on a scale of 1 to 5?

1 - Disagree Totally

3- Neither Agree nor Disagree

5 - Agree Fully

1. Our staff prays together around one clearly defined goal we plan to reach within the next year.

2. Our volunteer leaders are regularly challenged through values-based devotionals.

3. We have a process on paper that shows how we intend to develop more and stronger leaders.

4. As a staff team, we are in agreement on how we accomplish the church’s mission.

5. My thoughts drift toward the church’s mission when consumed with other mindless tasks.

6. An event is scheduled in the next six months to help our leaders see God’s future for the church.

7. In the last six weeks, we have intentionally talked about our values as a filter to make a decision.

8. We have developed a discipleship self-assessment that every small group or Bible study class member has taken.

9. When asked to sketch the church’s process for making disciple-makers, our leaders draw the same picture.

10. Our top leadership teams (staff, elders, board) can passionately describe what makes our church different.

11. I have overheard church members discussing our vision positively in the last 30 days.

12. I can state the top four values of our church without having to look them up online.

13. We have a shared set of practices or habits that define a growing, mature disciple of Jesus.

14. If a guest wanted to get involved in our church, their next step appears to be simple, easy, and obvious.

15. Our mission statement naturally appears in weekly sermons, announcements, or service moments.

As you take a look at the scoring thoughts below, Auxano created a resource for you in this visionary leadership journey.

Download a team-centered PDF that answers the question "HOW CAN I FRAME THE FUTURE?" using this simple information form.


Here's how your scores add up:

65 - 75 CRYSTAL like a diamond ring

Your vision is clear and front and center in almost every moment! Great work. Keep refining your vision and articulating future horizons. Don’t get complacent and think you have enough momentum… remember you can NEVER repeat your vision enough times.

If you’re ready for a vision refresh, let’s talk!

52 - 64 FOGGED like a bathroom mirror

Your vision has likely been more clear in the past, but recent circumstances have clouded the focus some. Maybe you’ve never quite recovered from the pandemic, or recent staffing transitions have shifted your team’s energy and attention. Don’t wait on the fog to clear; jump back into what you knew God was calling you toward.

If you need an outside perspective to help you see with fresh eyes, let’s talk!

39 - 51 FUZZY like an icy windshield

Your vision probably feels stale and disconnected, but you know there’s life left in it! Major changes may have happened, and rediscovering what you know to be true feels almost unachievable. It may be time to stop and schedule some intentional time away from the Sunday’s coming grind to first pray and then pray some more. Let God renew a fresh wind in you, then begin to dream again.

You probably need an experienced strategist to help you get going again; let’s talk!

26 - 38 MURKY like a stagnant lake

You’re leading week to week, putting out fires, and keeping the treadmill of programs spinning. It’s time to stop the endless activity and start meaningful ministry again. A total reset may be due for you and the team (or whatever may be left). All is not lost! Be encouraged that God still has work for your church, and it just will not fix itself. Gather one or two trusted leaders and begin to pray for wisdom and workers for the harvest.

It’s way past time to work on your vision; let’s talk!

15 - 25 OBSCURE like a boarded-up window

There’s no way to put this; it’s time to take a step back, reframe the vision, and align your church and leadership to God’s preferred future. Let’s talk!

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