Auxano | 5 New Staffing Questions That MUST Be Answered Today

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5 New Staffing Questions That MUST Be Answered Today


We are closing in on two years of disruption around HOW and WHERE we do church.

What if future ministry effectiveness will be less a question of WHAT we're doing and more about WHO is doing it?

Every church faces a new paradigm for ministry, and we're asking five new staffing questions that now must be answered.

In Auxano's January Future Casting Webinar, co-founder and CEO Jim Randall tackled these five critical yet straightforward questions around the alignment, deployment, and impact of your team. Even if you're a staff of one shepherding a team of lay volunteers, these five questions will help maximize every leadership conversation you have.

In this pivotal season, Auxano continues to resource the visionary conversations that will shape disciple-making effectiveness for generations, starting with your staff.

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