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7 Checkpoints of a Guest Experience

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It's a brand new year, and with it comes new opportunities!

With that in mind, here’s one big question:

Is your church welcoming guests, or just friendly toward them?

There really is a difference if you think about it:

  • Friendly churches acknowledge visitors.
  • Welcoming churches expect guests.
  • Friendly churches provide connection cards.
  • Welcoming churches design connection processes.
  • Friendly churches place greeters at the doors.
  • Welcoming churches position people at points along a guest pathway.
  • Friendly churches hope you will come back.
  • Welcoming churches invite you to return next week.

At Auxano, we’ve spent almost 20 years walking alongside churches in the development and accomplishment of their unique vision - something we like to call Clarity First consulting. With every church, we’ve seen ways they can improve their Guest Experience - from online to onsite - moving from being a friendly church to welcoming guests well.

We’ve compiled our learnings into a pathway we call the 7 Checkpoints of an Engaging Guest Experience, and developed a team-centered tool for your team.

Download the 7 Checkpoints tool here, and begin a conversation that could change everything for a guest family this fall.