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7 Reasons You Might Need a Church Consultant Tomorrow

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by Will Mancini

To many church leaders, the notion of bringing in a consultant falls into a mental slot marked “Things That Somebody Else Does.” Maybe the idea seems exotic, expensive, or elite. Or perhaps it’s the reverse: it’s for somebody who hasn’t reached the level or experienced the success that you have.

Yet a strategic outsider benefits a church of any size with any growth (or decline) trajectory. A wise consultant helps leaders navigate problems common to churches of all kinds. Here are seven reasons leaders like you benefit from the help of an experienced consultant.

Reason #1: The “When I’m Driving in the Car” List

You have a running list in the back of your head of problems to solve, and it just keeps growing. Increasingly, while driving, you can’t stop thinking about that list and the snowball of tensions and leadership problems that keep mounting.

Reason #2: Leader Years 7-14

You’ve been the senior leader of a church between seven and 14 years, and you have not yet launched the “next big dream.”

Reason #3: You Need a Discipleship Plan

You talk increasingly about discipleship because you know deep down inside that you’re not making more disciples. Urging people to get serious about the problem isn’t solving it.

Reason #4: $$$

You have to raise the largest amount of money you’ve ever had to raise in your life.

Reason #5: Core Disagreements

Whether acknowledged or not, there are seriously different points of view within your senior leadership team, elders, or church council on core directional issues.

Reason #6: From Crisis to Confidence

The church has recently emerged from a crisis, and you want life to be about more than merely surviving what you’ve just been through.

Reason #7: Sagging Attendance

Your most committed people are attending church less than they used to. And the attendance of your less-committed people you don’t even want to think about . . . but you can’t stop.

Consultants are for everyone. And getting started risks nothing. Auxano’s Navigators—our term for “consultants”—love to listen and impart value to leaders in a no-cost introductory phone call. Give it a try for your reasons.

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