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Has God forgotten about the small places?

Sitting in the Orlando mega-church auditorium one afternoon, Pastor Chris Driver wrestled with that thought. It felt like a legitimate question in context of his surroundings. After all, one year of attendance at his small West Texas Plains church would not even fill this room for one service. His question was not one of theology, but of methodology.

Should small churches merely try to stay alive, or is there something more significant for which to strive?

Instead of being overwhelmed and discouraged yet again by thoughts of smallness and insignificance, Chris instead leaned into the workshop content. He refused to accept that a vision for Biblical discipleship requires big numbers and bigger budgets. Within six months, it became clear in the families of small “6-man” towns across West Texas, that God does have a big vision for small places.

God has not forgotten about the small church, He just desires big obedience more than big attendance.

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