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Clarity Changes Everything: 8 Ways Clarity First Vision Impacts Leadership

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Redemptive movements are often born from restless moments.

Almost 20 years ago, Auxano emerged from the vacuum of vision clarity in church leadership. A copy-then-paste mentality consumed church conference rooms as leaders mimicked the mission, vision, and strategy of leading churches like Saddleback, Willow Creek, and North Point.

Rather than acknowledge the unique people, place, and passion in their local church, pastors just did what the big churches were doing, expecting the same success the big churches were seeing. From the beginning, Auxano’s calling consisted of creating Great Commission success through the lens of Clarity First confidence in your church’s unique identity and direction.

Nearly two decades later, Auxano remains the leader in Clarity First consulting for local churches. We’re thankful that God continues to lead us to the churches He would have us serve. We are just as firm today in our belief that every person, and church, is as perfectly and wonderfully made in their uniqueness as a snowflake. When you live, and lead, out of that understanding, a great commission confidence becomes contagious.

We believe clarity changes everything.

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Clarity changes how you love locally.

Clarity changes how you challenge congregants.

Clarity changes how you describe disciples.

Clarity changes how you position priorities.

Clarity changes how you structure staff.

Clarity changes how you celebrate conversions.

Clarity changes how you distribute dollars.

Clarity changes how you navigate next steps.

Clarity isn’t everything you will deal with as a church leader, but it changes how you deal with everything in church leadership. We firmly believe this, and it’s why we lead with Clarity First.

Your Clarity First movement begins with this simple question:

How does our church glorify God and make disciples in a way that no other church might because of WHERE we are, WHO we are, and WHAT God has given us a passion toward?

If you’re ready for a strategic outsider to walk alongside you in answering this question, the team of Navigators at Auxano stands prepared to bring tools and processes to your leadership conversations. Start that conversation here.