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Closing the Gap in Disciple-making


We have a crisis in discipleship in many of our churches:

There’s never been a greater disconnect between God’s desired outcomes, people’s life journeys, and what they actually experience through church.

This disconnect reveals two big gaps in church discipleship:

  • Awareness - It’s the gap between what we think is happening in people as a result of our efforts and what is actually happening.
  • Connectivity - It’s the gap between misconnected steps or ministries in our church that short-circuits our effectiveness.

Ministry leaders may not even be aware of these gaps.

If every seat is filled during a service, one might assume that what they are doing is working and people’s lives are being changed. If classrooms are packed, one might be tempted to think that their people are fully involved in what is happening at their church. But is attendance a trustworthy metric for evaluating the health of the church?

Watch Auxano Senior Lead Navigator Clint Grider as he offers a thoughtful and practical approach to answering the deeper question that plagues many pastors’ minds: Is what I’m doing actually working?

Clint offers an approach through the extended metaphor of the underground railway system found in the United Kingdom to connect many of the “gaps” that exist in ministry.

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