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Creating a Culture of Generosity: Chapter One Download

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For senior leaders and pastors of churches, the topic of money is often either abused or ignored. But there is a better way. It is the Jesus way. But how do you translate the parables and peculiar references of His teaching with the modern struggle of discipleship?

It is possible, but it will require more than asking people to give to your church budget. It will require Creating a Culture of Generosity.

There is a difference between making budget and making disciples.

It is time to try something different – to tackle this with deep sensitivity for the pain some people have experienced around the topic, as well as boots-on-the-ground practical tools to graciously challenge those who could forge a new path. Can we see Christian people experience life that is “truly life” as Paul coached Timothy on how to disciple people how to best handle money?

Far from a once-a-year approach to “stewardship” or an obligatory message here and there that feels more like eating your vegetables to a pastor (you know you should do it – it’s good for you), there are five categories or waves of planning that lead to culture creation. The goal is disciples who are generous – to their church, neighbors, the under-resourced in the community and the world. Not to mention people who can, through their generous posture, fuel the mission of Jesus Christ around the globe.

Auxano's Director of Generosity Greg Gibbs' book Creating a Culture of Generosity is the "owner’s manual" that will help you tune-up the engine of generous living by the people of your church over time.

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