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Dave Ramsey captured the financial tension of living week-to-week about as well as anyone could: “having month left at the end of your money.”

COVID-19 thrust many church leaders into a similar type of tension: “having week left at the end of your ministry.”

Riding-out the latest wave of pandemic variants and mandates, many pastors still find themselves living week-to-week in their leadership, without the resources, energy, or vision to accomplish their calling. The road ahead will surely be long, and breaking the cycle of immediacy will be the hardest you’ve ever worked. Your first step to leading beyond the moment will be found in the Five Irreducible Questions of Leadership developed by Auxano, and proven by almost two decades of leadership alongside the local church.

Join Auxano Lead Navigator Bryan Rose for our Future Casting Webinar as he digs into the disciple-making implications of asking - and answering - these five questions. It’s time to move from making-do to moving-onward and prepare for a new season of ministry and impact in from your community to the ends of the Earth.

When you register for the webinar you will receive access to a video replay, the webinar key points, and additional resources. As an added bonus, we will send every registrant a free PDF download from our SUMS Remix toolbox that answers this question:

The concepts of visionary planning are fuzzy to me - how can I learn to frame the future?

We believe that you can thrive even in the face ongoing challenges, and are here to resource you in the journey!