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Don't You Wish There Was a Hard Reset for 2020?

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Hard reset… Ever had to do one of those?

Sometimes a frozen electronic device just needs a hard reset. We’ve all done the unplug, count to ten, then plug-back-in dance at some point in our constantly-connected lives. Good news is that most of the time, it works!

Don’t you wish there was a hard reset for 2020?

It may take more than just counting to ten and hoping for 2021 to be an effective year. Auxano’s God Dreams Visionary Planning Retreats are one of the best ways to gain outside perspective while creating an inspiring, yet actionable plan.

Here’s what a God Dreams 2021 visionary planning retreat will bring your leadership team:

- A reproducible pattern of 90-day strategic actions.

- A missional theme for 2021 for the entire church.

- A directional set of big-picture pandemic recovery initiatives.

- An inspirational vision that defines impact through 2025 and beyond.

- A biblical view of visionary planning from a Proverbs 16:9 perspective.

With options for onsite and online retreat facilitation, our Auxano Lead Navigators bring the experienced, and strategic voice you need to create consensus and build ownership in this rebuilding season.

We’ve also created a specific and cost-effective cohort model for small churches. If you’ve got one or two pastors and attendance under 300, check out the Small Church Big Vision virtual options here.

Connect here with one of our Navigators to learn how you can schedule your in-person or virtual retreat before our January/February consulting schedules fill up! We’ll spend a few minutes getting to know you and custom fitting the process that meets your unique planning needs.

God has done so many great things even amidst the challenges of 2020, and we believe the best is yet to come for His Church! Stay plugged in and reset everyone in your church for the Kingdom harvest ahead!