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Embracing Digital Evangelism


Just about every church has some online footprint.

Most, if not all, have a website that serves as the digital front door for every prospective guest. A majority of churches also live-stream or provide recordings of worship services, a practice made critical by the global pandemic in 2020. A few small churches have embraced a digital gospel and are equipping their members to share Jesus online.

Our June Clarity First webinar featured Dr. John Harris, Auxano Lead Navigator and Co-founder of Hearts Like His, an online ministry changing lives worldwide. Founded in 2021 as a result of the COVID lockdown, Hearts Like His became a fully-digital gathering reaching an unreached people group of digital seekers.

John and his wife, Jeanine, minister to the lost, hurt, and believers who’ve left the traditional church through weekly teaching and prayer services and carry a deep passion for seeing people connect to the digital body of Christ. John is co-author of Sharing Jesus Online, which helps church leaders reimagine the Great Commission in a virtual context and equip their church members to be evangelists where they live, work, and play (game) online.

It’s time to rethink online church, moving away from just a self-service buffet of worship services and instead embrace the generation-shifting possibility of a digital harvest field. In John 4, the disciples were concerned with Jesus’ lunch, but He remained focused on the Harvest. As believers, we too are called to remain focused on the unreached people groups, in our culture, around the world, and even now, those engaged online.

View this meaningful conversation on maximizing your church’s online footprint by equipping your members to share Jesus online.

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