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Seven Moves to Make for Post COVID Recovery & Regathering

As on-campus worship and Bible study gatherings return, every church leader must now face the unavoidable consequences of months without any meaningful in-person activity. It is now becoming clear that expectations of renewed worship engagement seem to have been far higher than the actual reality of attendance and giving now reveals. Current trends toward returning to church activity seem to show that, what we had previously named as disciple-making may have actually just been believer-entertaining.

2021 can be a turnaround year of engagement for your church but it will take intentional effort and deliberate leadership. In Auxano’s work with congregations across the country over the last few months, we’ve identified seven strategic steps that must be made during the next 15 months of post-COVID recovery. Join Auxano co-founder Jim Randall and Senior Lead Navigator Bryan Rose in a team-centric workshop designed to energize your leadership and produce immediate, productive movement.

The free, Engage Workshop will go beyond an information-filled webinar to provide resources with collaborative conversation for participating churches. Every registered attendee will receive a digital participants guide containing all-new tools designed during this unprecedented season of church leadership. As a special bonus, Jim and Bryan will each randomly select one church team for free implementation and follow-up coaching calls each month through February 2021.

The challenges emerging from this pandemic season of online worship and social distancing now present a very real threat to the future impact and spiritual health of your church. It’s time for leaders to take seven strategic steps and create a decade’s worth of disciple-making momentum.

This workshop has already been held, but if you would like more information on how to collaborate, engage, and plan for a breakthrough year in 2021, use this form to set up a FREE coaching call today.