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Episode 10: Will Mancini - The Secret to Maximizing Every Moment of Your One and Only Life


A few Breakthrough ideas from Will:

  • What is the process of designing the life that God dreamed of you?
  • What does it mean to be co-creators of your life, with God
  • Because we have been saved, we are not just freed from sin; we for living a life of good work.
  • God has a dream. And he has prepared specific good works for each person in that dream.
  • Yes, God has a plan, but part of that plan is you being actively involved in this design work of planning and being.
  • The life design idea is that you get to think about “Who am I?” “Who did God make me become?”
  • It is truly amazing when people take a little time to reflect on how much creativity, autonomy, and intentionality we can contribute, with God as the author of our story.
  • God does invite us, through Genesis 1, into the opportunity to think, reflect, design, prioritize, orient, goal-set for our lives.
  • Life design is stewardship of our one and only life.
  • A design only exists within a set of constraints. You cannot design without understanding how God is working. You look at how He has worked in the past and how He’s working in the present.

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