Auxano | Episode 6: Jon Roebuck and Bryan Rose

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Episode 6: Jon Roebuck and Bryan Rose


Breakthrough ideas with Jon:

  • How can a church stay relevant to their culture?
  • How can a church stay relational to the communities in which God has placed them?
  • How can a church remain resolute to their DNA and their calling?
  • If you will create physical space, you allow conversations to begin to happen, that are meaningful and perspective-altering,
  • We create better communities if we have better churches, and we create better churches if we have better leaders.
  • Ask yourself: what does the world around me need, and how can I begin to instill into my people this heart for ministry?
  • Community ministry is messy, it’s inconvenient, it’s expensive, it’s all of that, but it’s the right thing to do.

Listen to the podcast here.