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Do It Yourself. DIY is a compelling idea. There are multiple cable networks and a myriad of shows telling the stories of people taking on tough renovation, remodeling, or handiwork jobs on their own. Most of the time great work is produced.

Of course, some of the time it’s clear that they should have called the pros… after all, that’s what makes for good TV.

As a team of skilled consulting professionals, Auxano walks alongside churches to create breakthrough clarity to realize their vision. But, we also believe in, and equip, DIY leadership!

We’ve been called to serve churches, but we know that not every church needs to leverage our outside perspective and facilitation skills. That’s why we regularly equip pastors, executive pastors, and denominational/network leaders through DIY strategist training events like the upcoming Church Unique Certification in August, or the following God Dreams Certification in October.

Here is what some past attendees have to say about Church Unique Certification:

“…in the ever changing world around us never before has it been vital for us to pinpoint and target, with laser accuracy [provided by Church Unique Certification], exactly who we are, where we want to go, and exactly how we are going to get there.” - Joel, Campus Pastor, AL

“You will be better equipped to lead your church, as well as leaders in other churches. This certification provides you with skills that are absolutely essential in today's church culture. You can read books all day long, but working through the vision framing experience with a group of trainees enhances and solidifies skills.” -Sherry, Denominational Leader, MI

“[Certification provides] Great tools to aid in the skills necessary to lead healthy organizations with clarity.” - Matt, Associate Pastor, NC

If it’s time to revitalize, renew, or reengage the vision of your church, and you’re in a DIY season, one of our certification events may just be the breakthrough you need! Find out more right here.