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Webinar: The 3 Steps to Increase Giving Tomorrow


About this Webinar

You’re a visionary leader and your church is going after seeing the mission advance. But let’s be honest: With increased vision comes a need for increased finances.

Often times, the idea of increasing finances can feel overwhelming (and sometimes, for good reason!). However, there are some very simple things you can do, things you might not have thought of before, to increase giving in your church...and you can start doing those things tomorrow.

In this FREE webinar, Greg Gibbs, the leader of our Auxano Resourcing team, will share fresh, boots-on-the-ground learning for how you can increase giving in your church. It will be fun, practical and we’ll include a good amount of time for question and answer.

We have a set number of seats, so you’ll want to reserve your spot today (as this is one of our more popular webinars)!