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Finding Your Values in Church Revitalization

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In this ongoing series, Auxano Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Senior Lead Navigator Jim Randall is interviewed by Gary Moritz, Church Revitalization Futurist, Strategist, Professor, and pastor of City United Church in Boston.

In this episode - the sixth in a series - Gary and Jim dig into how a church can find its values in revitalization.

Here are a few of the main ideas from the podcast:

  • What's the why behind our what? What do we believe?
  • We're going to rally around it in such a strong way that people are going to know our why.
  • What happens when there's a disconnect between the values of a senior leader versus the values of the organization versus the values of certain people within the organization.
  • If you don't have clear values of what you're trying to communicate as the culture and the ethos of your church moving forward, then you're going to continue to be splintered.
  • I don't think there's a side of the vision frame that is more important than values for church revitalization because of the way they will shape culture in the future for the church that's needing to be revitalized.
  • We want to see your values demonstrated, and oftentimes a church knows the values it has because we see those values demonstrated within the church lived out once again, top down from the leaders.
  • It would serve the church well to have a number of values that are actual, that they stand by as a church, as a leadership team, but to also filter in a couple of values that would speak to where they're headed as a church .
  • Some of the reason why we need revitalization is because we need to turn our eyes on the people that are not here.

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