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Four Strategic Practices to Help Online Viewers Become Onsite Worshippers Once Again


COVID-19 is the great equalizer for this generation of church leadership. Overnight, leaders became peers and attendance numbers became irrelevant. In an instant, every church moved to some form of digital engagement. And after what seems like an eternity, every church leader wants to move back to some form of face-to-face experience.

Each congregation will have a different reentry timeline, but they will all have the same reentry challenge: how to reengage or convert online viewers into onsite worshippers.

Bryan will unpack four strategic practices to employ online TODAY in order to engage onsite TOMORROW (whenever that tomorrow gets here).

We’ve walked alongside church leaders from across the country over the last six months, and are seeing some scalable patterns emerge. Bryan will be sharing simple practices and helpful tools to employ this weekend and initiate a positive movement back to campus.

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