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How to Regain Balance in a Year Spinning Out of Control


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Chaos. Uncertainty. Criticism.

2020 has wreaked havoc in the lives of church leaders, and for many, your days can feel like they are spinning out of control.

  • What if the hidden blessing of 2020 will be realizing personal health beyond your ministry identity?
  • What if God wants to write a comeback story in you as His leader before ever writing it in His church?
  • What if it’s possible to start 2021 on a path to better health as a leader?
  • What if you could look back 10 years from now and thank God for the wake-up call that we are in the middle of today?

Finding balance again always starts with the first step forward.

On Thursday, December 17, Senior Lead Navigator David Putman invited you to slow down for about an hour and find inspiration from his story. Here’s a sneak peek into his story:

In 2010 I hit a wall. Even though I had achieved a lot from a ministry perspective, all other areas of my life were spinning out of control. I was 50 pounds overweight, burnt out, and depressed. All I knew how to do was ministry and it had literally sucked the life out of me.

That’s when I hit the reset button. Todaysome ten years later—I am totally revitalized and at the top of my game relationally, physically, spiritually, and professionally.

In this webinar, David shared with you a practical model for regaining and balancing your life beyond the week-to-week ministry demands.

If COVID has left you feeling empty, unhealthy, or wondering how you are going to possibly make it through another year like this one, then this Auxano Future Casting webinar is for you.

Leverage an hour to plan as well for the days after Christmas as you are the days leading up to Christmas by rewatching this webinar - complete the registration form on this page to receive a video recording link and additional resources.