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It feels like the Church is beginning the last leg of this pandemic journey. That is good news. The bad news is that leaders may emerge more disconnected than ever from those they are called to lead. It’s time for a new set of tools that help you listen once again.

Listen to the Auxano Assessments team during the recent Just Ask webinar and learn five new ways congregational surveys help close the understanding gap between leaders and their congregations. Along with inspiring, actionable content, the Auxano Assessments team revealed a newly developed suite of tools designed specifically for post-pandemic churches. You can learn how to hone your listening skills and leverage the impact of third party surveys in order to truly hear from your people.

Auxano Assessments offers senior leaders of churches the opportunity to know their congregation better through custom, anonymous surveys conducted by strategic outsiders. We help bridge the communication gap between growth-minded leaders and their congregations.

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