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Mid-year Assessment


As summer begins to unfold and offer a much-needed chance to unwind, we invite you to take a moment of reflection on your calling and the trajectory of your ministry at the halfway point of 2024.

Amidst the constant demands of pastoral life, have you paused to consider the depth and impact of your calling? Is your church effectively living out its purpose?

In today's fast-paced world, many pastors would agree that their churches struggle to keep pace with the changing landscape of ministry. We all desire to multiply disciples, but there are gaps between reality and our aspirations. Despite our best efforts, success can feel transient and confined to select areas, leaving leaders yearning for a broader and lasting impact.

Through candid conversations with pastors, it's clear that many are uncertain about the scale of their influence. This is why honest evaluation is crucial - to assess where you stand and how to chart your next steps confidently.

Join officer and Auxano senior lead navigator Clint Grider as he explores how to maximize disciple-making in today's environment.

  • Discover the keys to agile, responsive leadership that transcends conventional models.
  • Learn how to evaluate outcomes in real time and bridge the awareness and connectivity gaps that hinder church effectiveness.
  • Navigate challenges and unlock the full potential of your ministry.

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Whatever your context, growing as a responsive leader requires clarity on two gaps that hinder church effectiveness: the awareness gap and the connectivity gap.