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In a rapidly changing world, how do you maximize your church’s effectiveness no matter what you’re faced with?

The subtle temptation becomes to multiply participation instead of focusing on how well that participation is training people to multiply their faith.

Much of what we spend our time doing in churches, even though they are good things, cannot reasonably be expected to deepen people’s likeness to Christ.

Churches must pursue finding a balance between expanding the mind and moving the heart.

In a moment when almost every leader is aware of a crisis of discipleship, Auxano Senior Lead Navigator Clint Grider offers a process for that very pain point. If you find yourself tripping over the gap between what you believe the church should produce and what is actually happening in the lives of your people, Mind the Gap offers an explicit approach and tested expertise.

An extraordinary combination of deep thinking and practical clarity, Mind the Gap demonstrates how churches can know they’re doing the most impactful things to multiple disciple-making in all contexts.

It’s time to stop measuring success just inside our walls; measure how we’re growing people’s impact outside them.

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