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Multipliers Journey Webisodes


Watch Auxano Senior Lead Navigator David Putman as he challenges the prevalent “more is more” habits that keep your church trapped in activity instead of maturity.

#1: Examine the Biblical Foundations of Multiplication

Team Questions:

  • How does Mark 4:8 & 13 challenge your perception of addition versus multiplication at church?
  • David asserts that this parable is a picture of how the kingdom grows by multiplication. How do you agree or disagree?

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#2 Learn Exponential's 5 Levels of Church Growth

Team Questions:

  • What’s the difference between addition and multiplication when it comes to church growth?
  • Why is reproduction critical to growing healthy churches?

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#3 Challenge the Status Quo in Established Churches

Team Questions:

  • Where is the greatest harvest field for established churches seeking to make disciples?
  • What are the two types of changes that happen in the local church? Which did Jesus lead?

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#4 Understand the Three Magnets that Affect Your Disciple-making Growth

Team Questions:

  • Which magnetic force affects the multiplication dreams of your church right now? Why?
  • In what ways has your church purposefully, or inadvertently, chosen addition over multiplication?

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#5 Address the Three Dimensions of Disciple-making to Take Next Steps

Team Questions:

  • Which of the “three dimensions of disciple-making” need the most work in your church today?
  • What one next step will you take to multiply deployed disciple-makers?

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