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Revitalization Through Integration

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In this ongoing series, Auxano Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Senior Lead Navigator Jim Randall is interviewed by Gary Moritz, Church Revitalization Futurist, Strategist, Professor, and pastor of City United Church in Boston.

In this podcast episode, Gary and Jim discuss the importance of integration in church revitalization. They recap the four areas they have covered in previous episodes: rethinking, uncovering, reframing, and planning.

They introduce the fifth area, which is integrating, and explain that it involves recruiting, training, and organizing strategic leadership; reinforcing vision through intentional communication; building systems that support and expand the vision through duplicatable processes; embedding vision deeply in every environment to create compelling environments; and sustaining vision through story, symbolism, and scripture to create a conscious culture.

They emphasize the importance of being intentional and consistent in implementing these areas to see true revitalization in the church.

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