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Staffing Your Church


While most pandemic predictions of staff turnover have yet to pan out into a Great Resignation, today, more than ever, there’s much at stake in making the right church ministry hire.

Factors from church culture and staff structure to team chemistry and personal history appear less predictable and more volatile than ever.

Making the wrong hire can slow the growth and momentum of your church and even set your vision back at least two years - probably more.

If you are not looking to hire someone today, you will likely be soon, so jump into the next Clarity First Conversation from Auxano as we partner with our friends at Slingshot Group to talk about “Staffing Your Church” for 2030 and beyond.

Much has changed in the last few years, yet many hiring models and staffing practices still need to. We’re watching a generational shift happen within church leadership, and it’s time to rethink how to bring on and even raise up new church staff members.

View a video recording of Auxano co-founder & CEO Jim Randall and Slingshot CEO & President Tim Foot in this critical discussion centered around leading ideas for healthy hires.

Vision comes to life through the staff team; fuel your vision by hiring the right staff.