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These Words of 2020 Will Shape 2021

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It’s official… “Pandemic” is the word of the year for 2020.

Merriam-Webster’s announcement on Monday should come as no great surprise, given this generation-defining year that 2020 has been. “Unprecedented” also rose to the top among searches, given the unprecedented use of a word to describe just about everything in 2020 from hurricanes to voting results.

Other words that have shaped this year include: novel, mamba, quarantine, asymptomatic, and malarkey. You probably just experienced a memory, emotion, or mental image when reading each of them.

At Auxano, we believe that words create worlds and shape every aspect of leadership in your church. When we began creating breakthrough clarity with church teams almost 20 years ago, we unashamedly found the focus to be on… words. From Genesis 1 to John 1, there can be no doubt that words matter to the people of God.

Throughout all of the changes of this year, Auxano believes more than ever that it is only a shared language of vision that shapes culture, directs energy, and stands as a lasting vehicle of disciple making. Every new list, tool, or diagram of church leadership still comes back to words.

In fact, through Auxano’s ground-breaking Church Unique Vision Framing Process, thousands of churches and leaders have described their uniqueness and directed discipleship activity with clear, concise and catalytic words of vision clarity.

Here are three ways you can harness the “unprecedented” power of vision clarity through Auxano’s Church Unique toolbox:

As 2020 begins to wind down, one word stands out for the Auxano team as we look to next year: HOPE.

May the HOPE of a Risen Savior, born in a manger, be upon your heart these next few weeks and renew your passion for leadership in the year ahead.