Auxano | Three Congregational Truths Revealed by COVID

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Three Congregational Truths Revealed by COVID


Everything and everyone seems to be feeling the squeeze right now.

Your congregation is not immune.

The last year brought a seemingly endless amount of disruption, distance and disconnection, feeling like a vise clamp slowly tightening. In looking back, fourteen months of political rhetoric, social injustice and pandemic regulations served to reveal some startling, and unsettlingly raw truths about your congregation.

Lifeway Senior Vice President Michael Kelley characterizes this revelation as a rare type of gift and joined Auxano’s monthly Future Casting Webinar on Thursday, April 22 to share why. Michael unpacked three truths that have been squeezed out of our churches over the last year (for better or for worse), and the disciple-making responses necessary for future gospel impact.

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It’s time to move forward, are you ready to face reality?

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