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Three COVID-19 Realities Draining Your Leadership Energy

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Any of these feel familiar?

  1. Regathering (or not regathering) onsite has been wrought with challenges, criticism, and apathy. Not to mention those churches who have had to move services back online.
  2. Relief has not come this summer the way we had all hoped that it would. We are hurting financially, socially, and sadly, even relationally.
  3. Reality finds most of us dreaming of what could be in the future while desperately keeping our churches together in the present.

Ministry has always been hard, particularly if you are leading from an empty tank physically, spiritually, or emotionally. As mid-July finds many of us carving out needed vacations, retreats, or even just an evening watching Hamilton, we must find a way to refuel.

A few years back Auxano released our most talked-about SUMS Remix issue ever, delivering solutions to this refueling problem through the lens of three landmark books:

If this article finds your gauge close-to or even reading, empty, please download this complimentary issue of SUMS Remix right here. We sincerely hope that the solutions provided resource your efforts to refill, replenish, and renew your inner being.

Next week, Auxano Navigator David Putman will be bringing some helpful tools, via webinar, toward creating a healthy post-COVID-19 ecosystem for your church.

But for now, thanks again for your front-line work serving the body of Christ. Let us know if Auxano can help you reclaim a Great Commission vision that unites your church around Kingdom matters. You’re doing a great job… we’re here when you need us.

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