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Webinar: Five Pastoral Succession Conversations Before You Start Transitioning



Dates & time: April 9 @ 11am ET

In this month's webinar, we look at the five conversations every pastor and church team should have before they start any pastoral transition. This webinar is led by Lead Navigator Will Heath, who is widely considered one of the foremost experts on Pastoral Succession. Having worked with scores of churches and denominations on this significant leadership transition, he brings a wealth of knowledge and energy to this under-resourced topic.

Here's the overview of this webinar:

More and more leaders are recognizing the need to start the succession planning conversation early. They have observed or experienced the negative impact of poor transition planning and want to invest in a process to help them avoid similar mistakes. Despite a growing recognition of the value of a proactive succession planning process, most leaders are not clear on where to start. There is also a sense of apprehension in being the one who initiates the conversation.

  • The Board or Committee member is concerned their intentions will be misunderstood and frustrate their aging leader.
  • The aging leader is concerned their initiation of this conversation will be misinterpreted and result in an earlier exit than they are prepared for.

The Five Succession Planning Conversations webinar provides a practical way for leadership teams to initiate this awkward, but necessary conversation and establish a pathway for proactive planning.

Here's what some people are saying about the Five Conversations

“The Five Succession Planning Conversations has helped give us a clear path to engage our churches in a more proactive and wholistic way.” Dana Allin, Synod Director - ECO (A Covenant Order of Presbyterian Churches)

“As a team, we were having a hard time gaining any traction talking about succession. The Five Succession Planning Conversations provided the structure we desperately needed to get everyone on the same page to move forward.” Executive Pastor of a 10,000+ multi-site church looking to transition the founding pastor

“Clarifying the difference between all five succession related conversations helped me see the value of helping prepare our pastor.” Executive Director of a 700 member Presbyterian Church

“Having clarity about the different ways to talk about succession planning gave me the courage and ability to take a more proactive approach to planning for my eventual transition.” Founding Pastor of an 87 member Lutheran Church