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The statistics are UNMISSABLE...but they are REVERSIBLE.

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We desperately need a movement of churches committed to healthy reproduction that is capable of producing multiplication. We need churches willing to embrace new scorecards of success and to plant churches with disciple-making growth engines.

Watch Auxano Senior Lead Navigator and Disciple-making Catalyst describe this pressing, but achievable challenge:

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From taking your first baby steps in church planting to increasing your existing church planting activity by 10X, the Multipliers Journey aims to turn your good intentions for church planting into action that will accelerate your impact. This new process seeks to help churches more effectively and fruitfully engage church planting.

The process brings together the best multiplication content from seasoned practitioners and ministries like Exponential with the best-in-class clarity and planning tools from Auxano. This new integrated Multipliers Journey process is the culmination of several years of work. will host Multipliers Journey pre-conference gatherings at their Raleigh City Tour events.

Exponential will feature Multipliers Journey in pre-conference labs and conference workshops during their Regional Gatherings.

Auxano will provide an online Multipliers Journey MicroLab for anyone interested but unable to attend one of the four opportunities above.