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80% of churches are either declining or plateaued. Where do we go from here?

The Multipliers Journey is a six-month coaching/consulting process that equips churches with a "how-to" toolbox for multiplying. Here's why we built it:

- Churches with a “come and see” posture are growing less and less.

- We have reached everyone who are like us, or who want to be like us.

- From 2000 to 2019, people who identified with a place of worship declined from 70 to 47 percent (Gallup).

- Post-COVID attendance is at 86% of pre-COVID attendance.

Could the answer be found right in front of us?

Jesus gave us a parable: “Still other seed fell on good ground, and it grew up, producing fruit that increased thirty, sixty, and a hundred times.” (Mark 4:8, CSB)

What if you could 100X your ministry? What if the solution was as simple as going from an addition-based operating system to a multiplication operational system? We believe it is!

We all know how to add, but most churches don’t know how to multiply.

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Exponential’s Multipliers Journey (MJ) is a six-month coaching/consulting process navigated by Auxano designed to equip churches with a “how to” toolbox for multiplying.

The MJ process is built around five phases designed to take you on a journey to reproduction (adding sites and churches) and multiplication (making disciples who make disciples, that plant churches that plant churches, to the fourth generation and beyond.

Discovery — How can we start multiplying?

Every successful Journey has a beginning point and a clear destination in mind. Using the Level 5 Framework, you and your team will determine your church’s best possible multiplication pathway.

Commitment — How do we cultivate a multiplication mindset?

Along the way, you will discover your unique way of living out the three dimensions of multiplication: 1) disciple-making, 2) capacity-building, and 3) mobilizing disciple-makers.

Alignment — How do we mobilize for multiplication?

In this part of the journey, emphasis will be placed on creating a culture and scorecard for multiplication around your values, narratives, and behaviors.

Planning — How will we multiply?

You will develop a multiplication plan during the planning phase using the 1:4/1:4 Vision Planning tool. This plan will provide clarity, focus, and direction for moving from addition to multiplication.

Implementation — How will we execute the plan to multiply?

Finally, you will develop an implementation system for executing your multiplication plan through a well-coached multiplication team.

At the end of the MJ process, you will fill your toolbox with practical tools for moving from addition to multiplication. This toolbox will include a multiplication target, culture, scorecard, plan, and implementation system design to help you level up.

Regardless of your level, you can experience the revolutionary breakthrough needed for 100X multiplication.

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• Each co::Lab is limited to 10 church teams.

• Bring your team - up to 5 people

• Six sessions over six months, 4 hours each (virtual 3 hours)

• Monthly group coaching call between sessions

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