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Bringing Hospitality Home

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Your church - its members - can be viewed as islands without bridges. The “islands” are the homes, apartments, or condos of your members. Wherever they live, it will be all too easy and natural to want to retreat into themselves and spend their influence mostly on themselves and their families, isolated and disconnected from their neighbors across the street or down the hall.

They are often strangers to their own neighbors.

The secret weapon for gospel advancement that builds bridges is hospitality, and your church members can practice it whether you live in a house, a dorm, or a high-rise apartment.

Thinking like this requires viewing the home as primarily a weapon for the gospel before it is anything else. Biblical hospitality chooses to engage rather than unplug, open rather than close, initiate rather than sit idly.

We’ve developed this TeamUP eBook to introduce you to the possibility of leading your church to build bridges - from member’s homes to their neighbors - and it starts with you.

These bridges are the next step in the ongoing shift from a facility-focused ministry to one based in people’s homes.

In this TeamUP, you will find excerpts, practical ideas, and actions from some of the best practicers of this concept.

These seven ideas and accompanying actions have been highlighted to first raise your awareness in your own life, and then, as a leader, encourage your team or church to do the same in their own lives.

Bridges are born of practical necessity, an astonishing marriage of technology and art. Crossing an often imposing obstacle, they succeed in linking two parts, providing the opportunity for connection and conversation. Bridges are links; they connect people and communities.

It’s time for your church to use hospitality as a bridge to your neighbors.

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