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Here are three big myths that impede casting a big vision for your church:

“Some people are visionary; some are not.”
False. Every leader pursues something better, somewhere in the future - that is visionary. Vision is what motivates and moves people. Vision is the spark that God used to move us into ministry in the first place. The truth is some people cast vision more naturally than others, but everyone can be visionary.

“People are tired of hearing our vision.”
False. Leaders, especially creative ones, are more likely to get bored with the vision language long before the congregation ever has a chance to get on board with the vision itself. Pastors invest time to cast the same vision in new and attention-grabbing ways, that ultimately pay off. The truth is, until you’re tired of saying it the same way, they’ve probably not yet heard it.

“I just need to preach Jesus, not cast vision.”
True. Sort of. Jesus is our most excellent example of visionary leadership, and indeed, Jesus is all you need. But Jesus also called His disciples toward a better future: to seek first the Kingdom of God, to be fishers of men, to take up their cross, and reap fields “white unto harvest” among other visionary moments. The truth is, theology grounds people, and vision moves people.

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