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It’s VBS Season, and you’ll probably invest much time, talent, and treasure in NextGen ministries very soon - if you have not already!

As you reach families this summer, fostering a sense of belonging and connection has become more important than ever, especially for younger generations like Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

Studies show that despite being more connected than any other, these two generations also suffer from more loneliness and anxiety than any other.

The church has always had the answer: disciple-making. We’ve often just failed to think cross-generationally, instead segregating age groups and isolating some of our best leaders.

This is why the team at Auxano is excited to invite you into June’s Clarity First Conversation: "GENspirational Leadership: Five Strategies for Discipling Every Generation.”

Jana Magruder, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Lifeway NextGen, will join our host and Chief Engagement Officer, Bryan Rose, for this immediately applicable conversation. In it, Jana and Bryan will explore practical ways to FLIP the Script on homogenous ministry models that fail to leverage cross-generational disciple-making.

Don’t miss this first-of-its-kind leadership conversation on Thursday, June 27, at 10 a.m. CT / 11 a.m. ET.

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Want more information? Here’s why you and your team need to join this crucial conversation:

1. Creating Community: Discover how to cultivate a culture of warmth and acceptance by “FLIPping the Script” in your church, helping people of all ages find friendship, support, and belonging through discipleship.

2. Catalyzing Solutions: This conversation will take a positive and proactive approach to address the challenges of disciple-making across every generation. We'll explore uplifting strategies that empower each generation to play a meaningful role in strengthening your church family.

3. Empowering Leadership: As pastors and ministry leaders, you can lead by example and inspire others to prioritize relationships and connection. Learn practical leadership strategies that will enable you to foster deeper connections and nurture a sense of community within your church.

4. Engaging Content: Designed with busy pastors and ministry leaders in mind, this digital event delivers concise, impactful content that respects your time. Each strategy is presented in a clear and digestible format, making it easy to understand and implement.

Sign up for this live event and learn more about the strategies we'll discuss with you and your team.

There’s no better reminder of the critical need to reach and disciple every generation than VBS week!

Here’s your chance to engage kids and their families for more than one week… and disciple them for a lifetime!

Join the Clarity First Conversation today.