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Summer Rewind Series


Wherever you find time for a vacation this summer, we've got some brief video clips from three of our previous Clarity First LIVE conversations from earlier this year. We will be releasing one each week during the remainder of July.

Enjoy these clips!

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In this 5-minute clip from Auxano's Generosity Lead Greg Gibbs, you will learn about the importance of cultivating generosity conversations, especially those occurring outside of Sundays.

Here's a quick quote from Greg:

We're in a pulpit to coffee shop transition, meaning we have to be thinking this is knee to knee, nose to nose conversations with people. And that's all of discipleship, but particularly discipleship around giving. It has to be more relational.

Listen to the rest of his thoughts here:

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In this 6 1/2-minute clip from Dave Milam, Visioneering Studios VP of Strategic Design, you will learn about the importance of aligning the physical environment with the vision and mission of the church. He discusses the trend of on-campus small group setups and the importance of intentional design in church architecture.

Here's a quick quote from Dave:

We're starting to see this trend where churches do their small groups on Sunday morning when they already have childcare. Let's not set up these typical lecture-style Sunday School classrooms, but what if we had space like a hallway of just living room environments that just looks amazing?

Listen to the rest of his thoughts here:

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