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It’s time to stop making decisions based on folklore and feelings.

In most church conference rooms, leadership decision-making happens in context of anecdotal stories from the past or optimistic assumptions about the future, without the benefit of thoughtful analysis in the present.

One of the biggest challenges of church leadership is gaining an accurate understanding of your congregation. The truth is you don’t know what you don’t know.

Auxano has spent almost two decades walking alongside church leaders and surveying hundreds of congregations. Everyone knows that effective leaders ask great questions and we’ve honed our process through the years to gain accurate and timely insight on the disciple-making mission of the Church. Talking head conference speakers and statistic bloggers usually bring great general insight. However, knowing and understanding your unique church in light of the Great Commission is what matters most when making critical decisions about the future. That’s where Auxano Assessments comes in.

Auxano’s suite of Assessment tools can help you:

  • Obtain a fresh demographic snapshot of your congregation.
  • Compare demographic trends for your congregation and your community in view of recent growth (typically two years).
  • Establish a benchmark of ministry involvement.
  • Uncover obstacles to assimilation in the ministry involvement.
  • Create a listening mechanism for directional decision-making.
  • Increase vision ownership within attenders.
  • Enhance your leadership credibility.
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Our Assessment products and services include:

Congregational Engagement Survey

Gain insights around 20 key measurables and get specific feedback on growth challenges and opportunities with this church-specific assessment tool.
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Initiative Readiness Survey

Gather stakeholder insight and church-wide feedback about important future initiatives like capital campaigns, multisite launches or pastor search transitions with a fully customized assessment tool.
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knowing how many people started attending in the last two years and who they are.
tracking the involvement and concerns of your most, and least, generous attendees.
seeing how things like drive time or length of time attending affects small group involvement.
uncovering precisely why people aren’t more involved in service.
learning exactly how many people are involved in duplicate ministry activities.
discovering the topics that people are really most interested in for a sermon series.
gauging the interest and opinions of your people regarding new service times, multisite locations, service styles and any other new initiatives.
Make decisions with confidence and clarity on the disciple-making future of your church — go ahead and reach out to one of the specialists from the Auxano Assessments team today.
We're excited to launch this all-new division of Auxano. Here's more of the story in this Auxano Assessments video overview:

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