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Generosity Culture

You know there is both untapped potential and underdeveloped givers in your church.

A congregation of fully-devoted, generous followers of Christ should have every resource they need to accomplish God’s vision, but most do not.

In your heart, you know there is more to this age-old challenge than a magical sermon, teaching series, or a once-per-year pledge that will open the door of generosity from your people. At times, pastors can feel like the parent of a teenager, tiring of the perpetual plea to “clean up your room.”

Is there any way around the reality that about 20% of your church contributes the majority of your ministry dollars?

GT GC Pathway

Most churches that work with Auxano to create a discipleship pathway for generosity (we call it a generosity culture) realize a 15-20% increase or more to their general fund.

With potentially challenging waters ahead as we continue to recover from a world-wide crisis, there is no time like the present to take action. For some churches, the financial challenge is at the top of the list. But there is hope – and a way forward.

Download this helpful one-page overview to get a jump start on the new way ahead.

Auxano has been helping churches articulate their vision with clarity for close to 20 years. We have learned that, in almost every situation, a visionary plan for making disciples is fueled best by an environment of people giving their energy and financial resources to the cause. Auxano Generosity Navigators are seasoned consultants who have helped churches from coast to coast increase the generosity culture in congregations small and large.



We would love to hear your story, so share a bit of information here, and one of our Generosity Navigators will connect to talk through our latest insights and approaches for increasing a generosity culture in your church. Just let us know a little more about you using the form below.

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