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Visionary Planning

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Get a visionary plan for real church growth.

Why do churches need a "Visionary Plan"?

In this video, learn more about the great need for churches to find their unique calling and then discover how to experience real church growth as a result.

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Want to see what this might look like for a church your size? Download one of these case studies and see how churches of all shapes and sizes are experiencing real church growth.

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What We Do

The Vision Framing Process

Here's why almost everyone we work with starts with a Visionary Plan for Real Church Growth.

Most organizations working with pastors and churches give you a cookie-cutter plan “that works” or import someone else’s vision or process. It almost feels like you have to keep up with the “church Joneses.” But you aren’t called to be another church and you aren’t that other church’s leader. You’re called to be you.

Very simply, we facilitate our “Vision Framing Process” to help churches create and implement a Visionary Plan for real church growth.

The foundation for Auxano’s vision framing process is based on the principles outlined in the celebrated book, Church Unique. Through the process church teams from every major faith tribe have discovered unprecedented clarity around the unique identity of their church. Working from that clarity, they develop actionable plans for articulating, planning, and integrating vision into their culture.

One of our trained Auxano Navigators comes to your church, multiple times over several months, and leads you and your team through this breakthrough process.

A church walks away with two things:

  1. Custom built Vision Frame
  2. A Real Church Growth Action Plan

Real vision. Real action. Real results.

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Don't take it on our word alone. Listen to pastors share stories of incredible breakthrough in their church with the Visionary Planning journey on the Auxano podcast.

How to Get Started

3 Simple Steps to Move Forward

How We Do It

Our Core Tools

One of our Auxano Navigators leads your church team through a process of discover, clarity and breakthrough (that’s our Vision Framing Process), all culminating in the development of a Real Church Growth Plan. This process has been used with thousands of churches and is curated around the Master Tools we have developed for the Vision Framing Process.

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The Vision Frame:

Identity: Answer the five irreducible questions of clarity in a concise and compelling way.

Spider Diagram Icon

The Vision Casting Spider Diagram

Articulation: Build the 6 elements of compelling communication into vision casting experiences.

Integration Model Icon

The Integration Model

Integration: Enable your vision to live in the five key areas of church life.

Horizon Storyline Icon

The Horizon Storyline

Planning: Dream as far out as you can dream, but stay firmly planted with short-term milestones.

So what does this look like in real time?

Here's one story of a church who experienced real church growth.

Let’s Talk

Want to hear more about how your church can get a Visionary Plan for real church growth? All you have to do is fill out this short form and a member of our team will contact you, or simply give us a call at 800.894.0991.