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Growth Tracks

Knowing how to experience real
church growth shouldn't be a mystery.

How to use our Growth Tracks

Because you’re a pastor or ministry leader, you know that vision is far more than what you have on a piece of paper. There’s the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, leadership, problem solving and tactical implementation of your visionary plan.

It’s great to have a visionary plan for real church growth. But to help you activate that vision, we've created Growth Tracks to help deliver some of those practical components where you need to see breakthrough.

Where do you want to start?

Choose the Growth Track that's right for you.

Capital Campaign Icon Dk Blue

Capital Campaign

Fund the next season of vision and growth.

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Guest Experiences Icon

Guest Experiences

Keep and connect your first time guests.

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Leadership Pipeline Icon Red

Leadership Pipeline

Have more leaders than you know what to do with.

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Succession Planning Icon

Pastoral Succession

Planning for this momentous transition.

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Disciple Making Icon

Disciple Making

Mobilize a movement of disciple makers.

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What is "real church growth?"

We believe it's not only possible, but Biblical to grow your people and your church at the same time.

Read a featured article on the topic of "real church growth" below.

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