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10 Signs that You May be Stuck in the Cycle of Leading Week-to-Week

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At Auxano, we are committed to helping church leaders escape the tyranny of in-the-moment leadership brought on by almost two years of pandemic survival.

We’ve found that many pastors are finding it hard to feel momentum build, even in the face of rising attendance and surprisingly-solid giving numbers. It’s like you’ve lost your sense of what successful ministry actually looks and feels like in this post-pandemic world we find ourselves in. What are the signs you may be stuck in this vicious cycle? We’re glad you asked…

10 signs that you may be stuck in the cycle of leading week-to-week:

  1. Leaders around you seem to be asking for more than you have to give.
  2. Decisions are getting harder to make with any consistency.
  3. People appear skeptical or detached when anything new is announced.
  4. Unreturned emails, text messages, and voicemails are piling up.
  5. Long-term thinking feels awkward and uninspiring, so you don’t do it.
  6. Short-term thinking feels rushed and disconnected to any kind of bigger picture.
  7. Your mood rises and falls with the weekly attendance and giving numbers.
  8. It's easy to procrastinate preparing for the next season of ministry.
  9. People now attribute showing up for worship as accomplishing the church’s mission.
  10. You’d love ministry if it were not for the people.

Here’s a free PDF download to kickstart your journey to break the cycle, a tool from our SUMS Remix library that answers the following question:

How can I see beyond today and truly prepare for tomorrow?

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