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Building a Framework for the Future

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In this ongoing series, Auxano Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Senior Lead Navigator Jim Randall is interviewed by Gary Moritz, Church Revitalization Futurist, Strategist, Professor, and pastor of City United Church in Boston.

In this episode, Gary and Jim Randall walk through the framework of building a future for your church and developing a plan for the horizons of your church. This method is a starting point to help you dream again.

The primary question under consideration is, "Where is God taking us?" The conversation focuses on the bottom one-fourth of the vision planning framework for revitalization, which involves short-range planning and creating a one-year focus for the church. They emphasize the importance of alignment, unity, and clarity in setting goals and initiatives for the church's growth and impact. They also address the question of why pastors should continue to pursue revitalization even if they are transitioning out of their current role. The episode concludes with an example from the Arbor Church in Spring Arbor, Michigan, which successfully implemented a 1-4-1-4 vision plan for revitalization.

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