Auxano | Episode 4: Todd Wilson and Bryan Rose

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Episode 4: Todd Wilson and Bryan Rose


Todd Wilson, founder and Strategic Advisor of Exponential, talks with Bryan Rose. Here's a few select quotes:

  • The truth in the American church at this point is we have embraced a programmatic approach to accumulating cultural Christians.
  • We are ignoring the primary calling in our churches of biblical disciple-making Jesus’ way opting instead for a programmatic accumulation that relies on our secondary callings.
  • Jesus gave us a model for three years with 12 leaders. The way He’s changing the world is through one-on-one disciple-making or small group disciple-making relationally.
  • Right now the average nominal operating system in the U.S. church is "How do we add disciples? We add them programmatically."
  • We can’t get where we need to be on our mission to see church multiplication happening if the church doesn’t get back the Jesus-style or relational disciple-making as the core thing in the church.

Listen to the rest here.