Auxano | Episode 8: What Story Does the Design of Your Church Tell

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Episode 8: What Story Does the Design of Your Church Tell


Breakthrough ideas with Bob:

  • The church needs to go where all the people are going.
  • Visioneering Studios is called to help the church put to form the stories about the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.
  • Every building tells a story, and sometimes the story told is that we are cheap and just putting something together.
  • Sometimes the story our building tells is that “We copied something that looks successful somewhere else.”
  • What’s the prophetic story that God wants to tell through your community?
  • The Church is God’s best tool for redeeming this lost city; this lost civilization.
  • Sometimes we design for other things and miss what the greatest Designer has done.
  • We have to step back and look at where we’re going continually.
  • Don’t design from the property line in.
  • The Church is lagging because we don’t understand that people are dying of spiritual thirst.
  • We know lost people love the created work of God; they don’t know the creator God of that work.
  • People love the creation, but they don’t know the creator. Design can bridge that gap.
  • At some point, the church started looking like the buildings in the culture.
  • We create these great outdoor public spaces where the street sweeper and the stockbroker come together.
  • Where did our church buildings go off track? When did we lose the reflection of our Creator God?

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