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How to Lead, Not Limp, Into 2021

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The leadership of Seabreeze Church in Huntington Beach, CA took the time this past summer to renovate their auditorium. Because, well…why not? Normally, it would cause a disruption that would be manageable, but inconvenient. But during the Big Pause of 2020 (doesn’t that sound better than “Global Pandemic”?) you can actually get some things done.

We certainly do not mean to make light of the very difficult year that many people and organizations have had. People everywhere are mourning the loss of many things that made up our normal. And some are mourning much more than that.

But in the parenthetical year we call 2020, Auxano has heard of some very creative ways to not feel as though we are in the waiting room of the dentist – stressfully anticipating what may lay ahead. Consider the following pro-active possibilities for the pre-2021 phase we are in right now:

1. Strategic & Visionary Planning

Who knows what lies ahead? But most of us cannot afford to sit and wait. We have to do our best to discern God’s direction for our church in the next chapter. This includes decisions about how best to serve and minister to our congregation and community out of the destabilization of this year. And for many, it may mean re-thinking the ways we disciple people using virtual technology. Still other churches can use the opportunity for long delayed changes since most congregations are not expecting their church to look the same going forward. Clarity about our future may be difficult, but we must try to see the way forward. Since March, our message at Auxano has been simple: the answer to uncertainty is not certainty, but clarity. Be as clear as you can and as agile as you are able.

Our team of Lead Navigators are helping churches every week using Auxano’s Visionary Planning toolbox. Get help with your plan here.

Ready to step into leadership and be equipped to facilitate a visionary planning process? Learn more about God Dreams Certification opportunities here.

2. Congregational Questionnaire

One of the primary questions we hear these days is, “What do you think is going to happen when everyone is allowed to come back to church without restrictions?” Like every leader, we can only speculate. But here’s one way to discern the answer: Ask the congregation. If there was ever a time for a “check in” to see how people are doing spiritually and emotionally it is now. And from a moving ahead perspective, knowing how people are planning on engaging with the church will be critical as well. Will they be splitting time between physical and virtual worship and meetings? Will they still gather in their small group? Are they intending to resource the ministry of the church with their time and money?

If you are losing sleep thinking about these questions, then ask them. Discover the power of Auxano’s congregational assessments in PDF download.

3. Rebranding

Again, this falls under the umbrella of “everything is changing, so why not this, too?” Some churches need a fresh coat of paint in the conceptual sense (some actually need a fresh coat of paint on the walls, too – but that’s the next paragraph). In the age in which we minister, branding is not a superficial part of reaching people. It is critical – particularly as churches aim to grow younger. It is not that young people need something Madison Avenue slick, they just need to know who we are, what we stand for, and what kind of culture they will be a part of. The opportunity we have right now in the “in between” can allow us the breathing room to do a thorough job of auditing our current branding (art work, website, logo, colors, language, and more) and decide if there is a better way to go forward.

Use this form to speak to our Brand Architecture team about renaming, rebranding, or just refreshing the visual communication of your vision.

4. Capital Investment

Churches, like Seabreeze (mentioned above), may choose to take advantage of the relative emptiness of campus, grounds and facilities to do capital improvement that otherwise would disturb the normal flow. If classrooms need updates, now is the time. If the sanctuary needs a sound system, now may be the time – and so on. As much as this may require funding that seems shaky for some congregations, members will recognize the prudence of taking advantage of this time period and will often help financially. Keep in mind that not everyone has been rocked economically, and done respectfully, it is not wrong to ask for funds to spend on such upgrades. Probably the most common conversation these days, not surprisingly, is the need for extra investment in digital and virtual technology. This applies to churches that are playing catch up in this category, and the ones that have been using this method for a while but realize it will become a more important part of their strategy going forward.

Check out this replay from a recent webinar from Senior Generosity Navigators Kent Vincent and Greg Gibbs. Investing 30 minutes to watch this video will answer many of your fundraising questions. Reach out to our Generosity Team here - they are helping churches every day during this season.

The fact is God is not surprised about our situation. Leading well right now looks like seeking God and then asking for discernment about what to learn, do or experience during this crazy year. Most leaders are discovering that they do not need to remain in neutral. It may just be one of those great opportunities by which we mark time – “Remember in 2020, when we took the opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons – God really used that time in the life of our church.”

We’re praying for you. Let us know how we can help.

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