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January: 7 Steps to activate your church’s Vision in 2019


7 Steps Webinar For Vision

There are all kinds of reasons a church team might find their vision stuck. In this case, it's not for lack of having a strong, compelling, clear vision; you've spent the time to identify and discover what that is. This time around, it's about learning a whole new skills set: Activating the entire team towards the execution of that vision.

In this webinar, Auxano Lead Navigator Kent Vincent will walk through some of the most important steps he uses while working with teams to actualize their vision. There are 7 things in particular that Kent uses to help teams come around the vision and move it forward. (This is part of Auxano's monthly webinar series. We have limited "seats" available and they fill up quickly.)

This webinar will be Thursday, January 17 at 2pm ET.