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Moving from On-Line to Back On-Site

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As Auxano’s Senior Lead Navigators get back on site this week in Alabama, Texas, North Carolina, and Florida, we’d like to say thanks for your leadership during this season of almost constant change. It’s been incredible to learn alongside you and create breakthrough clarity in a fully digital environment.

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Our three webinar series, RECOVERY, REENTRY, and RALLY, helped to inspire, challenge, and resource thousands of leaders. Webinar topics ranged from moving beyond disruption to reestablishing on-campus worship and building generous disciples. We are celebrating more than 3,000 downloads of webinar tools, templates, and training resources.

All of the replay videos and tools are available online, free of charge, use the links above. Let us know here when you’d like to re-establish a future-driven visionary plan for your church; we’re ready when you are!

We are more optimistic than ever about creating breakthrough clarity around the unique disciple-making vision of every local church.

Thanks again for your leadership on the front lines of spiritual health care!