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Something has changed in generosity. We know this instinctively, see some of the not-so-encouraging stats, but really can’t get to the bottom of the problem. It would be silly pride to propose that the solution is in the suggestions that follow, but there are still helpful steps to consider while we are all trying to figure out what happened.

Whether the current stagnation in giving in most churches is the continued slide of a long-term trend or whether it is the remaining headache from the world health crisis producing economic nervousness, the fact remains: We have a mission to do in and through the church. God can accomplish that mission through us - with or without money. But, for the time being, it seems like money still helps. It is time to start an exploration of a new era in church giving.

In our January Clarity First Conversation, Auxano's Director of Generosity, Greg Gibbs, brought participants up to speed about a New Wave of Generosity – and you can join the conversation!

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