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Reforming Year-End Generosity


A Fresh Approach to Your Annual Appeal

By now, making a December appeal for a special gift feels natural, if not expected, for your leaders and congregation. Your team likely know what to plan and how to ask when it comes to Christmas and year-end generosity. You may have even begun regularly counting on a substantial offering to close budgetary gaps or fund missional ministry. Year-end giving ideas and best practices are easy to find now — most of us are good at it. It feels like there’s really nothing new under the mistletoe.

But what if you could develop deeper discipleship and garner greater generosity by bringing a refreshed approach to what may have become a commonplace annual appeal?

The team at Auxano Generosity wants to help you rethink and even improve end-of-year giving this holiday season. We recently hosted a Clarity First Conversation designed to gift you with next-level ideas for reforming year-end generosity.

And we know what you’re thinking, “Late October-early November is too late for us to wait on planning our year-end appeal.” Yes, we agree (and if you were not thinking that you should be!). This conversation with Greg Gibbs is not the typical “best practices” or “top 5 (or 10! or 20!) ideas” for Christmas offerings. We’re bringing next-level implementation to what you’re already planning.

With decades of church staff and consulting experience, two books on capital campaigns and generosity culture, and a pastoral heart for helping church leaders, Greg will inspire and challenge you to level up your year-end appeal in these three ways:

  • Behaving differently through technology
  • Thinking differently about success
  • Speaking differently toward givers

We’re excited to help you take your end-of-year generosity to the next level.

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